Troubleshooting Your Appliance Problems

Here is a list of things to check before booking an appointment.

No Power

Check your outlet with a hair dryer if you have access to the plug.


Place a thermometer in both compartments set temp controls at factory settings.have the condenser coils been cleaned in the past year? If water is leaking and you have an automatic icemaker and water at the door turn off the water.


Many brands have a filter that needs to be removed and cleaned with a toothbrush performance will be compromised with even a slight buildup on the filter. ECO based detergents will not work correctly as most brands do not have the proper enzymes and chemical make up to properly break down the grease and soils. Also do not pre wash the dishes as these enzymes need grease and soils to work correctly. I recommend the cleaner glisten to remove residual buildup in your machine and only use finish detergent it is the only detergent recommended by all the major manufactures.  Also make sure you use the rinse aid to prevent spotting and ensure complete drying usually the lowest setting will work fine.


If it is a front load machine you must use an HE detergent or over sudsing will accure. in my experience most people use way to much detergent that  will leave a film on the clothes and allows a bio-film build up inside the machine causing a musty moldy smell.use a cleaning product called affresh once per month to prevent this.and always leave the lid up or door open when not in use.


Does the drum tumble but no heat?.check your circuit breaker.1 leg of your 240 volt breaker may be tripped and not appear to be. Turn the breaker off and on. Then restart dryer. Most dry time complaints are a restricted/crushed vent tube behind the dryer or a restricted house vent if that is the case a good company to call is the dryer vent wizard for cleaning or replacement.